Finding Inspiration (or how to get out of stuck FAST!)

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut?

Like you’re just going through the motions.

Chugging along but moving nowhere?

Some people call this the rat race. Others say it’s kinda like they’re going through life like living zombies or like they’re living in a coma!

So how do we get ourselves unstuck?

The way to freedom is to create just enough energy and momentum to pull us out and push us forward!

And the secret to getting this bit of energy is simple.

It’s called inspiration, or being in spirt.

In a practical sense, this means being in the spirit of the moment!

It is the spirit of human nature to be curious.

To do this, we can connect back to the qualities of a toddler with mountains of curiosity.

Fascinated by a new world, new experiences and new connections!

When was the last time you explored and tried something new or different?

I was on my way home and decided to drive through a different route.

I saw a chic cafe with smiling guests and their pet puppies (and I can never say No to connecting with animals!)

Pulling over, I sat in the cafe with a double shot espresso, and immersed myself in the soft murmurs of conversation, the cackling of laughter and the clanking of cutlery.

As I embraced this moment, I felt a wave of inspiration.

At the time, this inspiration was like a new-found friend to me.

I wasn’t always energised and inspired.

My life was once littered with sadness, fears and anxieties.

Looking up and around, sitting at the cafe, I powered up my laptop and began writing this email.

Today, I speak at events throughout Australia and overseas to spread one message:

“We all have a choice to let go of the past so we can embrace in the present with passion and purpose”

This is my story in 4 minutes!

Are you willing to receive the good things in life?

Have you ever had to drag yourself to work?

Is stress or anxiety an issue for you?

I remember at one time in my life when I was so overworked, over-stressed and anxious at work and at home.

It felt like I was doing everything for everyone, and no one did anything for me.

“I can’t ask for help”, I said to myself. “I don’t want to be a burden to others!”

Initially, I thought life would ease up!

But days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months of 16+ hour work days, nights and weekends spent working.

My health deteriorated, my partner left me, nothing was working for me.

I was working late one night and as I was driving home, I was so exhausted that I crashed my car.

My life crashed – figuratively and literally!

I was quite badly injured and was walking with crutches that I was unable to do something as simple as hanging out my laundry.

This simple act of not being able to do something seemingly basic as hanging out my laundry broke my spirit.

I withdrew further into myself not wanting to be a burden to my friends.

And I started to feel more and more depressed.

One day, someone introduced me to a life coach.

She found out that I had been a designated driver for my friends whenever we’d go out together.

“What do you get from being a designated driver for your friends?”, she asked.

I replied “I feel valued, happy and I can share myself with my friends”.

She asked me “Are you selfish?”.

I was confused.

And she said “So you’re telling me that you get pleasure from helping your friends and yet, you deny them the opportunity to do the same for you? That just sounds selfish to me”.

I learned a valuable lesson that day about giving… and receiving!

If you are ready to give and receive, join my Free Facebook Group: The Art and Science of Success and Happiness where I combine ancient wisdom with the latest in neuroscience and coaching to help others live a life of success, love and happiness!

First Imagine, Then Create

Sometimes the most “real” things in the world are the things you can’t see… yet!

We all want to create success, create love and create happiness.

But we have to start with our mind.

We must begin with imagination!

Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer called this “future history”.

He would mentally rehearse every boxing fight before he even stepped into the ring.

He planted a vision of himself victorious with his arms up high and the referee declaring him the winner and the champion, and he would imagine the crowd chanting his name and celebrating his triumph.

When was the last time you imagined, heard, and felt your “future history”?

Have you begun creating your “future history” yet?

Remember the first time you learned a new skill, like driving.

I imagine you pictured yourself behind the wheel enveloped by the sounds inside and outside your vehicle.

I imagine you were excited about the independence and freedom!

Of being able to do whatever you want to, whenever you want to.

Go on, plant your seeds for success, love and happiness now!

First imagine, then create!

If there were no limits, what would you be imagining today?

Overcoming Depression by Organising

When I was in my 30s, I was fighting a battle of depression.

They weren’t kidding when they said that waking up every day was a struggle.

The hardest part of it all was trying to hide this illness.

Hiding under a cloak of “Everything is fine!”

It wasn’t!

And when I began to fix this broken relationship with myself, my healing accelerated when a good friend and coach said to me:

“Want freedom? Get organised. Want to get organised? Get creative!”

And this is the ancient wisdom of “Organising”.

Getting organised will change your life in ways you could never have imagined.

If you want to know how to make yourself feel better instantly, take small incremental steps towards organising and “minimalism”.

The very act of organising allows us to physically declutter the things we don’t want in our life so we can create space for what we actually want!

What we can begin on the outside, we can continue on the inside.

What physical, mental or emotional clutter can you organise today to create true balance in your life today?

Check out this short video on Getting Organised.