Principles of Success, Love and Happiness

Combining ancient wisdom with the latest in neuroscience and coaching to help you let go of the past, to live in the present with passion and purpose
Faizey Greaves, Transformation Coach
Andrew Low, Elite Coach and Coaches' Trainer
VIP Speaker
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Does this sound like you?
Are you dragging yourself to work? Or perhaps it feels like you're doing everything for everyone that you can't find time for yourself?

Working day-in and day-out, wearing yourself out even when it feels pointless.

Often it feels like you're being pulled in all directions, but you still feel directionless.

You want to be successful and have financial freedom. You want to be happy!

You want to earn a great income but success feels like it is just beyond your reach.

Sometimes you don't even allow yourself to dream of a better life because it just seems like you're fighting one losing battle after another.

You've tried everything. Time management, personal development, even the Law of Attraction.

But nothing seems to work, at least not for the long-term.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could earn a great income doing what you love?

Imagine if you could do what you're passionate about, what you enjoy, and still achieve the trifecta of success, love and happiness?
If you answered Yes, you are not alone...
The vast majority of people in today's world feel these challenges, struggle with the same issues and are plagued by these problems.

The ones who rise above are those who truly understand the clever combination of ancient wisdom and the neuroscience of success, love and happiness.

Let's be real. Life is full of ups and downs, but there is a better way to navigate the peaks and troughs of life so we get the best outcome for us, and our loved ones.

There is a way to live your best life, to live life on your own terms, without letting your loved ones down.

There is a way to shed the light on why we are stuck, on what we can do about it, and how we can come out on the other side with more ease and flow than we've ever been able to.

Want to know more? Then keep reading...

What others say

Husband, Small Business Owner, Manager
Jon Philpin
"Before I started coaching with Andrew, I felt stuck without being able to move ahead. [He] has a comfortable process, no pressure or stress. He is able to create belief and positivity!"
Mother, Grandmother, Business Owner
Faizey Greaves
"My life has completely changed. I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you!"
Mother, Energy Coach
Kath Brannan
"Thank you for helping me to know what my passion and purpose is... Champion Coach!"
Cynthia Ng
Sister, Actor
"... my coaching with Andrew has been life-changing. I am more in tune with my passion and purpose. I have let go and become even more of myself. It is an eye-opening experience that everyone should go through!"
Gretel Jane
Mother, Separation and Transition Coach
"... the most amazing journey of discovery, validation and connection that is just so essential. I have been able to see what is missing and move towards it"
Andrew Ramsden
Manager, Entrepreneur, Coach
"... a really powerful and transformative program. Come along and discover your superhero origin story and how you got your super powers!"

What's missing from The Secret?

The problem with the book and movie, The Secret, is that they only share a small part of the full story. There are actually 8 principles from the ancients, that when coupled with neuroscience and quantum physics, create the blueprint for success, love and happiness in any and every area of life.

Want to know how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to see the big picture?

If so, this event is for you!

At this event, we will answer the following questions... 
What is the step-by-step blueprint to finally achieve what you want, whilst having fun, ease and joy on the way to success?
What are the other 7 principles that make Law of Attraction work?
What are the passion and purpose archetypes, and how they help you find your genius?
What are 3 major blocks holding you back and how to overcome them to create your full life?
How can you elevate your self-worth, self-esteem and self-love so you can transform from the inside-out?
What is the drama triangle, why we stay in it, and how coming out of it is the key to peace, joy and results?

About Andrew Low

Having toiled and struggled in a corporate job of 16+ hour workdays, working nights and weekends, I fell asleep behind the wheel and totalled my car.

I knew then that things had to change. I've been on a journey since and now my mission is to help you discover how you can live your full life.

This is my story in 4 minutes.