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Finding Inspiration (or how to get out of stuck FAST!)

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut?

Like you’re just going through the motions.

Chugging along but moving nowhere?

Some people call this the rat race. Others say it’s kinda like they’re going through life like living zombies or like they’re living in a coma!

So how do we get ourselves unstuck?

The way to freedom is to create just enough energy and momentum to pull us out and push us forward!

And the secret to getting this bit of energy is simple.

It’s called inspiration, or being in spirt.

In a practical sense, this means being in the spirit of the moment!

It is the spirit of human nature to be curious.

To do this, we can connect back to the qualities of a toddler with mountains of curiosity.

Fascinated by a new world, new experiences and new connections!

When was the last time you explored and tried something new or different?

I was on my way home and decided to drive through a different route.

I saw a chic cafe with smiling guests and their pet puppies (and I can never say No to connecting with animals!)

Pulling over, I sat in the cafe with a double shot espresso, and immersed myself in the soft murmurs of conversation, the cackling of laughter and the clanking of cutlery.

As I embraced this moment, I felt a wave of inspiration.

At the time, this inspiration was like a new-found friend to me.

I wasn’t always energised and inspired.

My life was once littered with sadness, fears and anxieties.

Looking up and around, sitting at the cafe, I powered up my laptop and began writing this email.

Today, I speak at events throughout Australia and overseas to spread one message:

“We all have a choice to let go of the past so we can embrace in the present with passion and purpose”

This is my story in 4 minutes!