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First Imagine, Then Create

Sometimes the most “real” things in the world are the things you can’t see… yet!

We all want to create success, create love and create happiness.

But we have to start with our mind.

We must begin with imagination!

Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer called this “future history”.

He would mentally rehearse every boxing fight before he even stepped into the ring.

He planted a vision of himself victorious with his arms up high and the referee declaring him the winner and the champion, and he would imagine the crowd chanting his name and celebrating his triumph.

When was the last time you imagined, heard, and felt your “future history”?

Have you begun creating your “future history” yet?

Remember the first time you learned a new skill, like driving.

I imagine you pictured yourself behind the wheel enveloped by the sounds inside and outside your vehicle.

I imagine you were excited about the independence and freedom!

Of being able to do whatever you want to, whenever you want to.

Go on, plant your seeds for success, love and happiness now!

First imagine, then create!

If there were no limits, what would you be imagining today?