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How to be successful in life? How to become successful by earning a great income doing what you want in life.

It is possible to achieve success in life? They tell us we can work smarter, not harder. But what does that really mean?

What does success look like for you?

I remember a time in my life where I envied the successful people in my life. I wanted to know the key to success

. I needed to learn how to be successful.

I also knew that it was important for me to not repeat the patterns of my past.

What do I mean?

Define success

Having toiled and struggled in a corporate job of 16+ hour workdays, working nights and weekends, I fell asleep behind the wheel and totalled my car.

I knew then that things had to change.

I've been on a journey since to create a new definition of success.

One that was not just about wearing workaholism like a badge of honour.

I knew it was not just about being successful at work or just pure financial success.

After all, I had these and more. But where have they got me? They got me far, too far from who I am, what I love and who I love to serve.

So many people talk about working smart, but at the time, I didn't know what that meant.

I knew that I needed to define success - well, "re-define" success.

I also know that this is different for everyone. So I had to find my own meaning. My own measure of success.

I knew that I wanted to find success in life with more ease and flow.

I knew I wanted to be successful and achieve happiness at the same time.

This is what success means to me.

Is it possible to succeed in life - to live my passion and purpose - to do what I love, and earn a great income from it?

Is it possible to achieve your goals whilst maintaining our physical health?

Is there a way to be successful, or find a path to success, without turning ourselves inside and out?

To be successful in life without needing to be the hamster on the wheel.

It was at this point that I knew I had to take the necessary steps to discover how I can live your full life.

I had to develop a new sense of curiosity.

I followed the experts - Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Seth Godin, just to mention a few.

I knew that I had to try new things. I had to try a new way of being. I had to learn and re-learn. I had to put in the work.

What is success in your life? What does true success mean for you? How do you pursue success? Are you doing something you want to do - with desire, passion and purpose? Or are you doing what you're doing out of obligation, responsibility and survival?

The path to become successful and achieve happiness: Inner Work

In my journey of learning and growing - of working on myself, what is now typically known as inner work - I worked with a transformation coach - initially to help me stay on track.

What I hadn't realised at the time was that I didn't need someone to keep me on track.

What I needed to learn was that I had the answers inside of me.

The problem was I had not found a way to tap into these answers that are buried deep in my subconscious.

I hadn't realised that the path to success may be blocked by subconscious emotions, beliefs and programming from the past.

In one of my coaching sessions, I was introduced to Matrix Therapies.

A pioneering process that uses "clearing processes" to clear the way so the client can find clarity.

So the client can discover answers in their subconscious.

Answers that allowed me to resolve my past, and rewire my present.

To discover the past baggage that held me back.

No sugar-coating. This takes hard work!

I vividly remember one coaching session, where out of seemingly nowhere, in a clearing process... I was transported back in time!

I am 5, and Mum says to me “I’m taking you to your first piano lesson”

Shouting in glee, I jump in excitement…

And I yell about how I’m going to tell everyone about music, piano lessons, this thing I love, this passion, this thing that gave me so much joy!

She stopped me.

“No, you can’t!”

“Your dad thinks piano lessons are for girls!”

“If you want this, we’re gonna have to keep it a secret!”

(I know… generational programming and gender biases can be so disempowering!)

So I stopped.

And for many years after, with every business I tried to build, when it was time for me to “tell everyone about this thing I love”, I stopped.

Because I had taken on the programming to keep what I love, my passion, a secret!

It’s true, isn’t it?

Success in life

How could I have really expected any sort of real business success if I wasn’t willing or able to share it with the world… to talk about it with authenticity, integrity and sheer joy?

That was me until I found a way to clear away this lynchpin on a deep unconscious level…

This clearing gave me the boost I needed to grow a 6-figure coaching business in 10 months.

For me, this was the key to success

in life.

The way to be successful and happy

What might be your lynchpin? And have you cleared it away so you can truly connect with what you want? So you can begin to imagine the pathway for your upgraded life… Your Life 2.0?

As transformation coaches, we work with clients to discover their root cause, their lynchpin, that when transformed, will power them up, level them up… so they can evolve more quickly and easily than ever before!

And this is why it’s so important that we coaches continue to grow!

I strongly believe that the best coaches are the ones that are already the best clients!

You recognise the need, the importance… of how crucial it is to continue to Transform Yourself.

So you can be the shining light for the people around you, for the clients that you work with now, and into the future.

I firmly believe that our clients can only go as deep as we ourselves have already gone, or are willing to go!

So whether you're a coach or a client, everyone needs someone on their side to help them continue working on themselves.

I learned that you need help to define your successful life

Someone who can bring out the best in you,

Someone who works within your genius…

… So you can truly be the best of you to the world, and for your loved ones!

Can you imagine this? Being the lighthouse to shine the way for someone else’s storm? So they can see their way out of the dark, and come to shore!

The thing is, finding this lynchpin isn't easy. Subconscious blocks can only really be discovered with subconscious tools and a fresh new look.

I had to rely on others - transformation coaches who'd been on the journey themselves - to help me see what I never saw.

A coach to help you improve the visibility of your blocks, whether that involves positively challenging your beliefs, or negatively challenging your self-critic - the negative thoughts that are remnants from your past.

I know one thing. To change my life, I had to learn to change from the inside-out. To accomplish your goals, you have to invest in learning as much as possible about yourself and your past.

Are you ready? Do you want to learn the keys to success and happiness?

You'll probably find that the solution to your happiness is not something that needs to change on the outside - but what you need to look at, and heal on the inside.

In the past 5 years, the more I speak with people who have unlocked the keys to having both success and happiness - I've learned one thing.

Successful people prioritize inner work.

So keep working toward success, and happiness. And if you want to boost your chances, and take small steps that make massive changes through transformation coaching, you can start by learning the 22 principles of success, love and happiness.

You can find out about the steps to achieve both success and happiness here: https://go.coaches-innercircle.com/success-masterclass-special90

Yes, it's possible to work smarter. To be successful in life with more ease and flow.

You too can take the necessary steps that lead to success, achieve your dreams and even find the journey to success a fun and exciting one. That you can overcome obstacles in life more easily when you can see how obstacles are typically on the way to success, not necessarily in the way of success.