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Make friends with your Intuition

When was the last time you listened to that voice inside of you?

Or had a gut feeling about something?

Scientists at the University of Iowa conducted an experiment.

They ran a gambling game with 2 decks of red cards and 2 decks of blue cards.

Each card awards a sum of money or costs a sum, with the goal being to reach a final amount.

Choosing 1 card at a time, the player’s task was to figure out through trial and error… because the only way to win (which the players didn’t know at the time) was to pick cards from the blue deck.

The big question!

How long before the players realise the blue cards are stacked in their favour?

The results?!?

After 50 cards, the players started to develop a hunch of what was going on.

But wait, each player was also hooked up to a machine that measured the activity of their sweat glans.

After 10 cards (40 cards before the players consciously realised anything), their palms started sweating and the player’s behaviour had already begun to favour the blue cards!

Each player had figured the game out and started to adapt their behaviours to win before they realised they had figured the game out!

Have you recently said Hello to your Inner Tuition?