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Music… My first love

There's something magical about music, isn't there?

Some people talk about the left brain of music – they speak of rhythm and timing, the percussion… the mathematics of music.

Others talk about the right brain of music – pitch, tonality, expressions, and words.

Taken individually, they seem so different to each other but when combined, this creates a duality that conjures up sweeping waves of timing, melody, harmony and emotions.

When balanced, they transport us to a place of depth, of meaning, of purpose.

As a little boy, I remember growing up with music. And I’m sure some of you remember the old cassette tapes, don’t you?

The ones where if you played them a wee bit too much, the tape would get tangled up and you’d have had to swirl the holes with a ballpoint pen to reel the tape back in.

I remember one day, my mum and I took a bus into the city. And when we got off at our stop, I was so excited when she took me to my first piano lesson.

Since then, I’ve developed a deep passion for the depth of meaning, the heartfelt melodies, and the nuanced rhyme from the world of music theatre.

I have always wanted to share my passion for music, music theatre and singing.

But before I had done my healing, I’d hold myself back for fear of judgement and rejection, telling myself that I wasn’t good enough!

Today, I am inspired to share this gift for what it is, and I hope to inspire you to take a chance, to take that leap of faith.

That no matter where you are on this journey we call life…

The secret to success and happiness is to heal the past, be your authentic self, and take small steps to create a life of passion and purpose that you deserve!

The first time I sang this song “Suddenly” from Les Miz,suddenly there was a realisation inside of me!

“No matter where you are on this life’s journey
Whatever failures, fears and anxieties you may feel
You can heal the woundings from the past
And live in the present
To create your future of success, love and happiness.”