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Procrastination: Are you prey or predator?

[Note: No animals were harmed before, during or after the creation of this post. Ideas learned and adapted from Pip McKay, Evolve Now Mind Institute]

When we are overwhelmed with tasks, or paralysed by our ability to work out what to do, it sometimes feels like it’s life or death for our business, our success, our life.

It’s like we’re in “fight or flight” mode, and sometimes it’s easier to just crawl under the sheets and give up.

I mean, even the word “deadline” sounds “deadly”.

It is as though we’re a prey animal. A lonely and helpless zebra in the jungle… about to be pounced on by a lion. The lion’s share of tasks, commitments and expectations.

Now imagine for a moment if we were the lion/lioness … that we are the predator instead!

And each major task is a zebra. A bite off each task and we would be nourished.

Have you ever completed one small task and felt so energised you were ready to take the next bite?

Taking “one bite at a time”, right?

And you know, there’s not just one zebra in your jungle. There’s a whole herd of them.

A whole herd of small bites to nourish, energise and transform from.