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The Secret to Transforming Yourself… Lynchpins!

I remember the moment I discovered the root cause… the lynchpin that would finally unblock that which prevented me from building a successful coaching business.

I already knew then that I wanted to help others realise this truth.

That we can earn a great income from doing what we love… from helping others live their full life!

I “knew” then that that was what I wanted…for myself… and for my clients!

But something held me back from truly “believing” that this is possible.

Out of seemingly nowhere, in a clearing process where I was the client…I was transported back in time!

I am 5, and Mum says to me “I’m taking you to your first piano lesson”

Shouting in glee, I jump in excitement…

And I yell about how I’m going to tell everyone about music, piano lessons, this thing I love, this passion, this thing that gave me so much joy!

She stopped me.

“No, you can’t!”

“Your dad thinks piano lessons are for girls!”

“If you want this, we’re gonna have to keep it a secret!”

(I know… generational programming and gender biases can be so disempowering!)

So I stopped.

And for many years after, with every business I tried to build, when it was time for me to “tell everyone about this thing I love”, I stopped.

It’s true, isn’t it?

How could I have really expected any sort of real business success if I wasn’t willing or able to share it with the world… to talk about it with authenticity, integrity and sheer joy?

That was me until I found a way to clear away this lynchpin on a deep unconscious level…

This clearing gave me the boost I needed to grow a 6-figure coaching business in 10 months.

What might be your lynchpin? And have you cleared it away so you can truly connect with what you want? So you can begin to imagine the pathway for your upgraded life… Your Life 2.0?

As transformation coaches, we work with clients to discover their root cause, their lynchpin, that when transformed, will power them up, level them up… so they can evolve more quickly and easily than ever before!

And this is why it’s so important that we coaches continue to grow!

I strongly believe that the best coaches are the ones that are already the best clients!

You recognise the need, the importance… of how crucial it is to continue to Transform Yourself.

So you can be the shining light for the people around you, for the clients that you work with now, and into the future.

I firmly believe that our clients can only go as deep as we ourselves have already gone, or are willing to go!

  • All coaches need coaches to continue working on themselves!
  • All coaches need mentors so they can follow in on their footsteps!
  • The key is finding the right mentor!

Someone who can bring out the best in you,

Someone who works within your genius…

… So you can truly be the best of you to the world, and for your ideal clients!

Can you imagine this? Being the lighthouse to shine the way for someone else’s storm? So they can see their way out of the dark, and come to shore!