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What would Yoda have said to Indiana Jones?

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my mum at the movies!

She was a true movie buff!

I remember looking up to the characters in the original Star Wars trilogy, experiencing the heart-pounding moments as I went on an adventure with Indiana Jones, and marvelling at the magic and wonder of Disney!

Every one of these characters treaded a hero’s journey of their own…

They encountered problems and crises

And managed to dig deep within themselves, and connect with quality mentors.

They accessed resources that propelled them towards their own unique victories!

We can sometimes underestimate the power of these resources in shaping how we live our lives — as individuals, in our circles, and as a society.

As you tread your own hero’s journey, what might be the ONE most important lesson you’ve learned from these seemingly fictitious characters?