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Why you should get organised

A friend of mine pointed me to a quote and it has become one of the most useful beliefs I’ve embodied…

“Want freedom? Get organised! Want to get organised? Get creative!”

Isn’t it curious that the word “organisation” is an extension of the word “organ”?

And the purpose of organs in our body is to absorb useful nutrients and clear out dangerous toxins

Just as an odd sock in a sock drawer serves no real purpose, the very act of getting rid of it creates space.

Organising creates clarity and purpose because it removes the things that distract us from what we actually need or want!

It is no wonder that “minimalism” has become such a popular and attractive movement for so many people!

Physical decluttering symbolically supports mindset decluttering…

How are you organising your life and your routines to create space to remove the things that no longer serve you?

How much time have you organised to spend with people you care and love about?

What about organising your life for you?

Do you have a daily routine that includes time to rest, rejuvenate, recover and re-energise for the day ahead?

How are you organising your life to create space for something more?

Space gives us room to open up to more of what we want in life…

If you don’t know what you want yet, how about blocking out some time to imagine what you really need so you know what you actually want?